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    It is our pleasure to invite you to browse this web page and decide to enroll in a Europe -oriented university in Žilina. Our university is a modern university providing a full range of technological, economics, management and a limited range of humanistic and natural science education at under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. The university is a living organism, which changes with changing needs of students, professors and its environment at any given moment. The University of Žilina has undergone numerous changes.

    It originally housed 3 faculties only; at present the University of Žilina consists of seven faculties and nine institutes. The number of students has increased several times, research is developing, and numerous exchange programs of university professors with their colleagues all over the world are being fostered. We support all constructive efforts of students to solve their social and economic problems, in particular those concerning their accommodation, meals, employment, international co-operation, culture, sports and students organizations.

    Students are offered ample opportunities to participate in research, we especially encourage the credit transfer system.

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